PowerGun H2O

Handheld Suction Wetblast Alternative—When a
Full-Scale Wetblast System Is More Than You Need

PowerGun H2O

Portable Suction Wetblast Tool That Blasts Wet or Dry

Your crew is wetblasting inside a storage tank. They’ve just moved on to the next section of the tank’s interior—when the inspector demands rework. Your team can’t drop what it’s doing to backtrack, and you can’t bring in another crew with another machine.

What you can do is pull out your PowerGun H2O, the handheld, one-operator wetblast tool perfect for small wetblast jobs or work in confined spaces. Satisfy the inspector—and keep your crew productive and on schedule—with your PowerGun H2O wetblast tool.

PowerGun H2O
PowerGun H2O


When you need to be ready at a moment’s notice for any job or application, in difficult to reach or awkward to work in locations. The PowerGun H2O:

  • Takes on any job. It easily switches between wet and dry blasting with the twist of a knob.
  • Ensures thorough wash down of blast surfaces for contaminant-free finishes.
  • Is ideal for worksites where it would be nearly impossible to transport and maneuver a full-scale wetblast system:
    • Small, confined spaces
    • Elevated work areas, such as scaffolding
    • Carrying up flights of stairs
    • Onboard ships in dry docks
    • Other difficult to reach and maneuver in spaces
    • When you’re blasting with a limited air supply
    • Small or light-duty jobs that don’t require a full-size abrasive blast machine.
    • Touchup work or reblasting areas that failed inspection.
    • Great tool for rental yards.
Power Gun H2O diagrams

Easy to Use

The PowerGun H2O is a lightweight, easy to transport and set up suction wetblast tool that has nearly the power of a small pressure-blast system:

  • Compact, handheld wetblast alternative that is easy to transport from job site to job site, and to carry around job sites.
  • Takes less storage space than a full-scale wetblast system.
  • Simple, low-maintenance design.
  • Quick and simple setup: connect to compressed air and pressurized water, and load media.
  • The PowerGun H2O uses from 40 CFM to 120 CFM of compressed air, which requires a smaller, easier-to-transport air compressor than a full-scale abrasive blast machine needs.
  • Connect to pressurized water such as from a water faucet or a municipal water supply.
  • Load media by inserting the PowerGun H2O’s suction lance into its media cart or a bag of abrasive.

Regulatory Compliance

The PowerGun H2O allows you to comply with environmental safety regulations and safeguard your operators from exposure to hazardous dust:

  • It suppresses dust generated during abrasive blasting, reducing operator, co-worker, and bystander exposure.
  • It helps satisfy urban dust-abatement requirements when blasting in metropolitan area.
  • It decreases dust-containment and cleanup costs, saving you time and expense.

Four Models

PowerGun H20 with Hopper and Cart

  • With 16 ft of air, water, and media hose
  • With 30 ft of air, water, and media hose

PowerGun H20 without Hopper and Cart

  • With 16 ft of air, water, and media hose
  • With 30 ft of air, water, and media hose
PowerGun H2O and Hopper

Wetblasting also is known as wet abrasive blasting, wet blasting, vapor blasting, slurry blasting, dustless blasting, and wet sandblasting. However, sand should never be used when wet or dry abrasive blasting because breathing abrasive containing crystalline (free) silica can lead to serious or fatal lung disease.