Solutions for High-Production Abrasive Recovery, Abrasive Loading and Recovery, and Closed-Circuit Blasting and Recovery

Abrasive Recovery System, Media Recovery and Vacuum Recovery

Abrasive blasting regulations and job requirements vary. Sometimes you recover media for disposal, sometimes for reuse. Sometimes you need to reduce contamination to the surrounding work area when you recover media while blasting. You need equipment that you can count on that easily fits on the job site and keeps your operators safe and compliant.

High-Production Abrasive Vacuum Recovery Systems

After the blasting is done, your work isn’t. You still need to clean up spent media. Clemco’s Munkebo Vacuum Systems provide high-efficiency media recovery for disposal or reuse:

  • Six Vacuum Recovery Systems – Pick the system that matches your application and media needs.
  • Configure to Fit Your Space – Munkebo Systems have modular designs that can easily adapt to job site space restrictions. Whether you are blasting in a shipyard or an oil field, Munkebo Abrasive Vacuum Recovery Systems can be configured to fit your space.
  • Minimal Wear and Ease of Maintenance – Munkebo Recovery Systems are designed for minimal wear and ease of maintenance with properly designed airflow and limited wear components, which keeps your crew working the job instead of working on their equipment.

Blast Machine Abrasive Loading and Recovery

Eliminate backbreaking work whether you are loading your blast machine with new media or recovering spent media for disposal with Clemco’s Easy Load Systems:

Three Easy Load Systems available:

  • ELS-2-290 and ELS-4-290 – Designed for abrasive loading. Choose the system best suited for your application and media.
  • ELS-6-290 – Designed for vacuuming up abrasive for disposal or recovery on smaller jobs.
Easy Load Systems, abrasive recovery systems, media recovery and vacuum recovery
Comet, Super Comet and Educt-O-Matic, abrasive recovery systems, media recovery, vacuum recovery

Closed-Circuit Abrasive Blasting and Recovery Systems

Some jobs require surface preparation; however, open-air blasting can damage surrounding equipment when blasting indoors and potentially create safety issue for other people on the worksite. Setting up containment is time-consuming and costly. But Clemco’s Educt-O-Matic, Comet, and Super Comet allow you to efficiently blast small areas while simultaneously recovering the media for reuse:

  • Educt-O-Matic – Handheld, suction blast and vacuum recovery tool for small jobs. Especially useful when recovering steel grit.
  • Comet – Portable, suction blast and vacuum recovery tool for small jobs using recyclable, nonmetallic media.
  • Super Comet – Portable, pressure blast and vacuum recovery tool for larger jobs using recyclable, nonmetallic media.

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Abrasive blasting (formerly known as sandblasting) also is called grit blasting, bead blasting, media blasting, soda blasting, dry blasting, sponge blasting, shot blasting, and shot peening. However, sand should never be used when abrasive blasting because breathing abrasive containing crystalline (free) silica can lead to serious or fatal lung disease.