Ideal Leader Model


Clemco’s culture has always been influenced by the Cleary family’s dedication to a family feel at work.  President and CEO Tom LaMantia and the leadership team at Clemco have led a transformation over the last five years that took Clemco from an equipment manufacturer to a global customer solutions provider.  We have changed the way we do business at every level, including the development of future leaders.

Tom and his team have developed and implemented a comprehensive organizational plan that leverages our technological innovation and end-to-end approach of discovery, collaboration, development, and implementation called Ideation 2 Realization™ Process to focus on our customers’ needs.  This transformation has resulted in deep relationships with the customers we serve and is helping us realize our long-term vision of creating a safer, more productive world.

Another priority at Clemco is to develop future leaders from within the company at all levels.  Through ongoing technical, leadership and skills training, as well as mentoring opportunities, employees are proactively encouraged to grow with the company and develop the servant leadership mindset that defines and drives Clemco’s success today and tomorrow.

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