Washington, Missouri

Clemco’s has deep ties to the Washington and surrounding Franklin County area that go back for generations, and we have been giving back to the community where we live and work in numerous ways for many years. As one of the community’s largest employers, we provide generous funding and philanthropic support to a wide variety of educational, civic, health, and cultural organizations that strengthen our community. More than 50 organizations in the Washington area receive financial support from Clemco annually, including many that are important to our individual employees and their families.

Clemco employees serve in the community through a wide variety of volunteer activities to support the causes that are important to them. In many cases, Clemco provides financial support to these organizations. In 2022, more than 20 local organizations in the Washington area including schools, churches and healthcare providers benefitted from Clemco employee volunteer service and financial contributions.

Clemco’s gifts to our community are another way we are helping ensure a safer and more productive world.

Charities We Support


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