Clemco specializes in portable pressure blast equipment used by contractors, facility owners, and shipyards for cleaning, corrosion control, and surface preparation. The Clemco product line includes standard blast machines ranging in size from 0.5 cuft to 160 cuft, blast nozzles, couplings, hose, blast respirators, operator safety and comfort systems, and specialty blast tools.

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New from Clemco

ALPHA1 Autonomous Robotic Blasting System

Blast Machines (13 products listed)

Operator Safety Systems (16 products listed)

Blast Machine Accessories (19 products listed)
Image      Product Name
     Blast Hose
  Supa Blast Hose
     Blast Hose
  2-Braid Blast Hose
     Blast Hose
  4-Ply Blast Hose
     Blast Machine Accessories
  Beacon Blast Light
     Blast Machine Remote Controls
  RLX Electric Control Handle
     Blast Machine Remote Controls
  RLX Pneumatic Control Handle
     Coalescent Filter
  High Volume Compressed Air Coalescent Filter
     Nozzle Holders
  NHP Nylon Nozzle Holders
  Boron Carbide Lined Metal Jacketed BSD Series
  ClemliteŽ Lined Metal Jacketed Long Venturi
  ClemliteŽ Lined Rubber Jacketed Long Venturi
  Tungsten Carbide Lined Angle CAM Series
  Tungsten Carbide Lined Metal Jacketed Long & Short Venturi
  Tungsten Carbide Lined Metal Jacketed Short Straight Barrel CT Series
  Tungsten Carbide Lined Rubber Jacketed Long & Short Venturi
     Quick Couplings
  CFP, Threaded Quick Couplings
     Quick Couplings
  CQP Nylon Quick Couplings
     Safety Cable
  Blast Hose Safety Cable
     Screens & Covers
  Blast Machine Screens & Covers

Special Application Equipment (14 products listed)


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