Benefits of a Personal CO Monitor

Superior Safety
For the first time, every blast operator can be instantly aware of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in the breathing air supply. The Clemco CMS-3 allows the operator to respond personally, taking immediate action for his own protection, rather than relying upon a co-worker to monitor a remote alarm. The CMS-3 provides audible, visual, and vibratory alarms inside the respirator to attract the operator’s attention when CO reaches the unacceptable level of 10 ppm. It weighs a mere 1.6 ounces.

How it Works
The CMS-3 is powered by a coin-type, 3000-hour-life, lithium battery, and is calibrated with 25-ppm test gas. The monitor detects CO in the breathing air using a field-replaceable electrochemical sensor, with an estimated two-year wear life.

NIOSH has granted Clemco extensions of its respirator approvals to place the CMS-3 inside our Apollo-20, -60, and -600 supplied-air respirators. The CMS-3 also carries CSA approval as intrinsically safe.

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CMS-3 Data Sheet (PDF)

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