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Engineered Solutions for the Explosives Manufacturing Industry

Competitive and other market forces are causing industry leaders to face a critical reality—the simultaneous need for improved productivity and high quality. And, at the same time, industry management is under pressure to maintain regulatory compliance and ensure the highest levels of worker safety. The pressure is on to keep product pricing low in an environment where manufacturing costs are on the rise. Clemco’s engineered solutions help manufacturing managers identify problem areas and implement systems to achieve continuous improvement and directly impact corporate profitability.

Our blast barricade products:
• Engineered workstations
• Pass-throughs
• Chimneys
• Interlock control systems
• Test chambers
• Barricaded vacuum ovens
• Shielded workstations, tables, and cells

Our engineered solutions with turn-key option:
• Facility-wide evaluation to identify operational problem areas
• Management consultation to review findings and discuss options
• Management work sessions to define the project scope
• Engineered solution design
• Equipment fabrication and outsourcing of auxiliary equipment
• Manuals: installation, operation, maintenance, safety, and auditing
• Installation contractor selection
• Installation project management
• Personnel training for operations, maintenance, safety, and auditing
• Start-up services
• Guaranteed test-run (when appropriate)
• Continued technical support