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Thank you for your interest in our products.  Use the following form to request special assistance, arrange for sample processing, or ask technical questions.  Be as specific as possible in your request so that we may direct your question to the appropriate department or individual within Clemco Industries Corp. Your information will never be used by us for any other purpose than connecting you with a local distributor.  

Clemco Industries Corp.
One Cable Car Drive
Washington MO 63090
Ph: 636 239-0300
Fax: 800 726-7559

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CLEMCO blast machines, specialty blast tools, nozzles and spare parts
Apollo helmets, lenses and spare parts
ZERO blast cabinets, cabinet dust collectors, gloves and spare parts
Blast rooms, recovery systems, room dust collectors, accessories and parts
AEROLYTE non-aggressive media equipment-rooms, cabinets and parts

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