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Retrofit Kits Available—Fully Assembled, Drop In, Cost Less Than Fluorescent Replacements.

Energy Efficient and Significantly Brighter 
Clemco now equips all of its manual blast cabinets with LED lighting and offers an LED retrofit kit for Clemco cabinets with fluorescent bulbs. LED lights have major advantages over fluorescent and incandescent bulbs:

• Energy Efficient—LEDs consume 60%-75% less power than fluorescent bulbs
  to achieve the same light output and 90% less power than incandescent bulbs.
• Brighter Light—Clemco’s new LED lights are on average 320% brighter than
  the fluorescent bulbs previously used in its popular BNP-65 Blast Cabinets.
Brighter Light Increases Operator Productivity
Operators can more clearly see workpieces in cabinets equipped with Clemco LED lights, which means they can more quickly and accurately finish a job. They are less likely to:
• Miss the nooks and crannies of a workpiece.
• Blast a section too lightly or too intensely.
• Incorrectly see colors or surface details of a workpiece.
• Need to remove a workpiece, inspect it, and then place it back in
  the cabinet.

Clemco LEDs Last Up to 45,000 Hours 
• Comparable fluorescents—15,000 hours 
• Comparable incandescent—1,500 hours 
• Clemco LEDs’ extended lifespans significantly reduce maintenance and
  replacement costs.

Retrofit Kits: Installation Ready and Cost Less Than Fluorescent Replacements

Clemco LED Retrofit Kits come fully assembled. Using only basic hand tools, they quickly drop into place. The kits cost less than Clemco fluorescent replacement kits and carry a 5-year warranty on the light component.
Single-Fixture Assembly (photo above) | Stock# 29720
     • NOTE: New #29720 replaces #23255 in most BNP & Pulsar cabinets.
       (Excludes BNP-6012, 7212, 150, 160, and PSB 2342B Bicarbonator)
Available in Dual-Fixture Assembly | Stock# 29725
     • NOTE: New #29725 replaces #25300 in BNP-6012 and 7212 cabinets only.

LED Retrofit Kit

Retrofit Kit - (PDF)

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